Question: I don't want to give you my personal info can I still sign up?
Awnser: Yeah, just use something that looks like an email address and use a random password but do remember it because you can't recover it without a valid email

Question: I dont want to use a email adress how do I signup
Awnser: Use the Google, Facebook, Twitch, Snapchat sign-in options, it will create an account for you!

Question: How do I post?
Awnser: Create an account and press the + button

Question: But using a website to post is lame
Awnser: Use our telegram bot ! check your account page to find out how

Question: What can I post?
Awnser: Anything legal!

Question: Does shitp💩st use tracking?
Awnser: No, and we are not planing to

Question: Does shitp💩st use ads?
Awnser: No, and we are not planing to

Question: Than how does shitp💩st make money?
Awnser: We don't :)


Telegram: Shitp💩st

Reddit: r/Shitpst